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Here I am back with a new release and I hope you have a wonderful week so far. There are only 2 days to go and we have weekend again and the kids got the first week of school after summer break over with.


As you may have seen in the preview I posted yesterday – the name of the new collection: Thinking Of You



There are so many people we always thinking back or think of, may it be a friend of the childhood, or our hubby, who is working outside and we see him only on weekends or even just a few times in several months, may it be our children, who are grown up now and living far away, or our first big love  smilie   , our grandparents, sister, brother ….


And of course it is usable for more occasions and themes.
Just take a look at the sample pages and you’ll see: vacation photos, our “little” childrens, for someone, who loves poppies a lot and it’s
not to forget for vintage and heritage projects such as genealogy – family history!

Everything as always on HUGE Intro Sale!
Let’s start with the previews:


The Thinking Of You – Papers

Included are 10 beautiful textured papers created at 300 dpi.
Size is 12×12 (3600×3600 px).
Also included 11 extra papers in modified versions of the originals –

total 21 papers included.






Thinking Of You – Elements

Angel, butterfly, phone, poppies, clock/watch, mailbox, pen, ink, fence, curled paper (psd + png file), letter covers  …. there are a lot more elements included!
A total of 39 unique elements (some come in various versions)

And each elements is included in a

  • no drop shadow version
  • shadowed version

saved in separate folders.





Thinking Of You - Clusters


A set of 6 Clusters


  • 6 Frame Clusters
  • 6 Clusters come w/o Frames


Preview Frame Clusters:
(photos are not included in the download; just for preview purposes)




Preview just the Clusters (w/o frames):




Here is a sample page I created using the clusters:



Thinking Of You – Stamps


A set of 4 Stamps & Brushes
Put them directly on your background papers and add photos,
accents and other elements or use them as accents itself.

PNG & ABR included
Included separately saved .png files – created at 300dpi





 Sample Page by Yvonne using the Kit + Stamps:




Thinking Of You – Stacked Papers


  • Contains 4 Stacked Papers. Included in this pack are .jpg files
  • as well as .psd + tif files for easy clipping a frame or embellishment or photo between background and elements (Top Layer)





Sample layout using Stacked Papers:
(added one Cluster and Stams behind the Picture, one cluster on top of the picture)



Thinking Of You – Bundle


 Get everything named above at a HUGE discount in one package!

Save 51%


  • 39 elements (shadowed as well as no drop shadows
  • total of 21 background papers
  • 4 Stacked Papers (psd, tif, jpg files included)
  • 4 Stamps (abr and png files included)
  • 6 Frame Clusters, 6 Clusters (w/o frames)





Click Here to check out the entire collection!


Bundle is 51% off limited time only!


  • Inspiration


Take a look at the various Inspiration pages my amazing CT girls created! I’m really, really impressed:


By Irene





By Jacqueline




By Tracey




By Janet




By Yuki




By Jeannette




By Tracey





By Tanpopo




  • Newsletter Freebie

As promised yesterday all Studio Manu Newsletter Subscribers will get this Mini Kit Freebie Add-on
later with the newsletter today!

I hope you like it!





  • Blog Freebie


Oh my … what a wonderful layout Yuki created and I’m so glad she offers it as
a Quick Page Freebie to all of us :)

Thank you so very much, dear Yuki!

You just need to click the image to start downloading or the link below the preview:



>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<<

Thanks so much for reading – I hope you’ll have a fabulous week!

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Manu on August 26th, 2014

Hi all,

just a short note that there will come a new Newsletter Freebie to all subscribers really soon now and I only can hope you like it :)
Now you already know the name of the new collection which is to be at the ready :)

And yesterday was the first day back to school for the kids so it is pretty quiet here now around me and I’m back to my daily routine.


New Newsletter Freebie coming really soon ….


See you all soon :)


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Manu on August 12th, 2014





Finally there is something new arrived at Studio Manu!

I’m so sorry for the little break here, it’s just because of the summer school break of our kids. While on the one side I can’t wait to get back to me daily routine on the other hand we just enjoy the time we have together and the summer this year is just wonderful, lots of adventures outside.

Not sure but I think after 4 weeks I was able to finish a new collection.
Amazing vintage style as usual with lots of awesome and unique elements in it.

The name of the new collection: *Back Then*

So here it goes:

Back Then Papers

Included are 10 beautiful textured papers created at 300 dpi.
Size is 12×12 (3600×3600 px).
Also included 10 extra papers in modified versions of the originals –

total 20 papers included.






Also included in this collection
Back Then – Clusters

A set of 6 Clustered Elements made with the *Back Then* Page Kit. ready for you to use.
Shadows already added.

6 Clusters come without frame and 6 Clusters come with already frame added.
So for your own creativity and needs you can choose your own frames or use the finished Frame Clusters.

Note: Photos used on the preview are not included in download.
These are added for preview purposes only!





Preview of Clusters without Frames:




Sample Page using the Clusters:





Here is a set of 4 Grunge (Distressed) Frames, perfectly coordinating with the *Back Then* Page Kit.




Add your photo behind the frame or use as stamps them to decorate your pages or the background paper.
Add any colour you wish or tecture, play with the blend mode to make them perfect for your project.

It’s really fun to play with them and you’ll see your pages are even more beautifully.
Look here at this sample page – I really enjoyed working with the frames:




Back Then – Stacked Papers


This set contains 4 stacked papers and it is a perfect addition to the *Back Then* Page Kit . and already included in the *Back Then* – Collection.
Included in this pack are .jpg files as well as .psd files and .tif files
As for the PSD & TIF Files the elements are clustered together and the backgrounds, so you can easily put your photo(s) and frame(s) between the elements and backgrounds.





Again so much fun to play with those Stacked Papers :)




included in this bundle is everything showed aboved at a HUGE discount – save 51% with the purchase of the bundle.

In total you’ll get

  • 36 elements (shadowed as well as without shadows)
  • 20 Papers – total
  • 4 Stacked Papers (tiff, PSD, jpg files)
  • 6 Clusters (6 comes as Frame Clusters and 6 just Cluster elements – one comes also in psd file for easy adding photo)
  • 4 Grunge, Distressed Frames – you can use as frames, stamps, background overlays ….





  • Inspiration


Wow … I must tell you how proud I am of my Creative Team. Not only we have Summer but they found the time
to make such super beautiful pages, really really LOVE them ♥♥♥
By Cath


If you look on her page on the left side you can see that Cath
used the paper preview I’ve included – very clever; love it!






By Jeannette


Great blend of this cute photo




By Janet


love how she made the border





By Tracey


GReat Journaling and ♥ all those flowers



By Yuki

super stunning page and amazing shadow work ♥




By Irene

her page is just brillant




By Yvonne

just a perfect page – colours, clusters … photos, blends! Amazing!




By Tracey another page

cute photo – love that smile




By Cath another layout – funny smile




By Janet also another page

great idea of use the frame/s not just as frame! Love it!



Save 51 % on the BUNDLE — Click Here




  • Newsletter Freebie


This little Mini Kit Freebie will go to all Studio Manu Newsletter Subscribers
- coordinates perfectly with the Back Then Collection!







  • Blog Freebie


Many thanks to the amazing Yuki for creating this awesome Quick Page ♥♥♥

You can download it right below the preview or just click the image!




>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<<



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I realized that I need a bit more room for lots of new things that will come to Studio Manu ….

Don’t miss your chance to get another super big bundle, if not the biggest ever seen at an incredible price!

This No.2 Retiring Bundle contains an enormous amount of different elements, papers, clusters, word art, photo masks, alphas …  

worth an unbelievable $153.54  – now $14.99 (Discount 90%)

Everything you need for creating spectacular digital scrapbooking pages, invitation cards, photo books ….
whatever you can think of is in this massive Giga Pack!











What you get:

  • 302 unique Elements
  • 164 Papers
  • 7 Complete Alpha Sets
  • 25 Photo Masks 
  • 20 Word Art  (light colors for dark backgrounds as well as dark colors for light backgrounds, with as well without decoration)
  • 20 Stacked Papers (16 come in psd files as well as jpg files, 4 come just in jpg files)
  • 12 Quick Pages
  • 22 Clusters
  • 4 Page Borders
Clusters, Quickpages come in already
shadowed Version – ready for you to use



A total of 302 elements …. each in a non shadowed version as well as shadowed version saved in seperate folders, so you can decide if you want to download them or not.



You’ll find inside all these amazing things:

  • Vintage Baby Collection + Extras Page Borders (worth $19.99)
  • Days Gone By Collection + Extra Photo Masks + Word Art (worth $24.49)
  • Boys Will Be Boys Collection + Extra Word Art (worth $20.49)
  • Grandma’s Reading Room Collection + Extra Photo Masks(worth $20.99)
  • Sound Of Music Collection (worth $17.49)
  • Village Square Collection + Extra Photo Masks (worth $20.99)
  • 5 various single page kits/sets + a frames set (worth $29.10)

 Total worth an incredible $153.54

you can get all together for just $14.99 – 90% off




a total of 164 papers … it is impossible to get them all in one preview




7 complete Alpha Sets




22 Clusters + 12 Quick Pages





25 Photo Masks




Diverse Elements, Glitter Frames, Page Borders (glittery), 20 Word Art





20 Stacked Papers (16 of them you get in psd file as well as jpg files, 4 pcs. come just in jpg files)




And only for a limited amount of time you can get it for just $14.99 instead of  $153.54
After expiration of the deal all products included are leave for good!




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More Inspration Pages with Catch A Wave by my wonderful CT Girls ….

By GroeHi



By Irene



By Janet



By Cath



By Irenchen



By Tanpopo



By Tracey




Wow … the girls did a great job!
So many fabulous pages, so many various styles … I’m really impressed!


Blog Freebie


Yuki also created an absolutley stunning and fun layout.
Look Here:



Isn’t it just beautiful? I love everything of course in all her layout but especially here the hat added on top of that girl!
Fantastic idea.

Try it too!
You can donwload this wonderful Quick Page here, click the preview or below the preview is a link!

Thank you so much, Yuki!!!!



>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<<

Enjoy the rest of your week :)






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