Beautiful You – New Page Kit + Stamps, Sneak Peek, Blog Freebie

Beautiful You By Studio Manu

Beautiful You

Hi everyone and Happy Weekend!

This week I have a wonderful scrapbooking kit for us women – or for a very special person in your life. It’s all about the beauty of a woman or girl. Includes everything you need to make a prettiness: hairbrush, comb, perfume bottle, mirror,  hat, fashion woman (sketch), sparkles, beads, lace, glittery overlays and flourishes … and of course to complete the page kit it has 5 background papers and 5 extra papers (which are modified versions of the originals), you can take a deeper look on the previews below.

Additionally to beautify also your scrapbook layouts there is a set of amazing stamps embellished with fashion and beauty things in a pretty vintage style.

Beautiful You – Page Kit
Beautiful You – Stamps 


Hallo zusammen und ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich euch!

Diese Woche habe ich etwas für uns Mädels oder für einen ganz speziellen Menschen in eurem Leben. Es geht um alles was das Frauenherz begehrt und mit Schönheit zu tun hat. Das Kit beinhaltet unter anderem eine Haarbürste, einen Kamm, einen Spiegel, ein Hut darf nicht fehlen, eine Frau oder Lady als Zeichnung, vieles was glittert, schimmert, scheint, Perlen an einem Ast, Bordüre (Spitze), Overlays und Flourishes …. und um das ganze Kit komplett zu machen natürlcih auch noch 5 Hintergründe + 5 extra Papiere (abgeänderte Versionen der Originale). Kann man gut auf den Vorschauen weiter unten sehen.

Und damit ihr auch eure Scrapbook Layouts noch etwas verschönern könnt, habe ich noch ein set mit wunderschönen Stamps gemacht, verziert mit modischen Sachen und schönen Dingen. Das ganze in einem tollen Vintage Style.

Beautiful You – Page Kit
Beautiful You – Stamps

Beautiful You - Papers

Beautiful You - Papers

Beautiful You – Stamps

These stamps are the perfect addition tothe Beautiful You Page Kit.

Let your layouts stand out!

Embellished with antique fashion and beauty things, jewelry, antique text/words, flourishes … distressed with an awesome vintage look.


Beautiful You - Stamps

One stamp of this set comes with as well as without text / title:

Beautiful You - Stamps

Inspiration Layouts

Gosh … my Creative Girls again made some fabulous pages. I just LOVE them all and hope you get inspired too.

By Yvonne

Yvonne has the perfect picture, the hairstyle of her beautful granddaughter. Always love her compostion and layering.

Inspiration Layout by Yvonne


By Tracey

What a wonderful page Tracey created, pretty woman on the photo. The title work is perfect.

Inspiration Layout by Tracey


By Jeanette:

The paper work in the background is just awesome with the laces peep out.
Amazing vintage layout and here too – love the photo ♥

Inspiration Layout by Jeannette


By Manu <— it’s me 🙂

Inspiration Layout by Manu


Sneak Peek Time

Oh – it’s a while ago that I had a sneak peek game. I even forgot how it is written. Sneek Peak, sneak peak … not so easy if english is not your language – lol

Okay, I remembered and hope it’s right: Sneak Peek Time

Leave me a little comment here below and say something, anything you want – some ideas, if you wish:

  • Do you love the winter?
  • Is there snow wherever you are in the world or summer right now?
  • What do you love more: Summer or Winter?
  • Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking? – hahahaaa
  • Beach or snowy mountains?
  • Ice skating or swimming?

Every comment enters for a chance to win the complete new collection – Good Luck to you!

Sneak Peek - coming soon to Studio Manu

Blog Freebie

For today’s Blog Freebie I turned my Layout I created last week with the Thinking Of Home Collection into a Quick Page. You can download it right below the preview. Hope you like it!

Free Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page - Thinking Of Home

I hope you have a wonderful Winter Weekend 🙂

>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<<

52 thoughts on “Beautiful You – New Page Kit + Stamps, Sneak Peek, Blog Freebie

  1. Christina

    So pretty! Love the sneak peak, it’s going to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit here tomorrow, that snow looks lovely!

  2. Margaret

    Summer’s my favorite, but sometimes we get snow in Texas. Turns adults into kids :-). Your sneak peak looks lovely. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  3. Diana

    There’s no winter nor snow where I came from…normally, I always wish for colder weather, but when I had vacation in places with winter, I missed warmer days, lol…

  4. Donna

    In Maryland we enjoy all four seasons. Today is warm and sunny for January at 53 degrees fahrenheit. Looking forward to seeing more of your winter kit:-)

  5. Danesa

    Oh this looks so cute. We have snow and there are squirrels on my patio stealing the birds food all day long. lol This will be a perfect set for documenting those lil rascals in action. 🙂 It looks perfectly wintry and perfectly adorable. Thank you so much for a chance to sneak a peek! 🙂

  6. Mary Anne

    I don’t like the cold or the snow (I’m a southerner living in the north), but they’re fine in a scrapbooking kit! What’s this about crazy dancing? Have you been watching me? Actually I’m going out dancing tonight. It’s a great way to keep warm and have fun!

  7. Micheline

    We have 4 seasons here too, in Quebec, Canada. We had a lot of snow in December. Today it’s not cold outside, 2oC, it’s warm for January. Love snow but when I don’t have to go outside, just look in my window…I broken my right wrist on December 20 on ice. Prefer Summer but like to scrap winter pages. For the dance: I dance always crazy when there is someone or not, just love to dance. Thank you for your beautiful freebies and give the chance to win your new kit!

  8. Terri Payne

    Oh I love what I’m seeing! We are having plenty of winter weather hear in Washington. Would love to win this kit, thanks.

  9. stacey

    wonderful new collection! thanks so much for the chance! way to cold here – but no snow! thanks for the beautiful QP!

  10. Judith Richards Shubert

    It is winter time here in North Central Texas with cooling temperatures, but no snow. We have a front sliding in from the west this afternoon, bringing with it rain and colder temperatures. I enjoy the spring and fall, but am not a fan of winter weather! Your kit looks beautiful. Good luck to everyone!

  11. Joyce

    I’m spending my winters here at Myrtle Beach and today is it HOT!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this kit!Looks like it’s going to be another stunner. Love the squirrel. I have pet squirrels at home; hmmmmm, wonder what they’re doing for peanuts since I’m not there to feed the little stinkers!!

  12. GrannyNKy

    I love the winter snow…unfortunately that is something we seldom ever see in south-central Kentucky anymore 🙁

  13. Lana

    We live in Colorado and our normal temps for this time of year are usually in the -30’s. We have almost 4 feet of snow on the ground and as I type this it is -12*, your new winter kit reminds me that there still is beauty in winter. lol. Would love to win it and thanks for the chance.


  14. diginanliz

    Thank you so much, Manu, for the gorgeous QP. Your new creation look so crisp and clean, I’m sure it is adorable:)

  15. Rose-Marie Beaulieu

    I live in Canada and today is very cold!! Looking forward as always to your beautiful collection. Thank you for the beautiful QP.

  16. Supersuzi


    Danke für die Chance deine tollen Sachen zu gewinnen…

    ich liebe die Leichtigkeit der Schneeflocken, wie sie am Himmel tanzen um dann auf der Nasenspitze schnell dahinzuschmelzen…

    Liebe Grüße Saskia

  17. donna oehlerking

    Oh a winter one- I really love your winter ones. What I see looks great!
    We are in our winter months here in Minn. USA and it’s dang cold today. I went walking the dog this morning and dang near cold both of us.LOL We haven’t gotten a lot of snow so far this winter, but I’m sure there is more to come. We don’t start thawing out here until about April.
    Thanks so much for the freebie.
    Hugs Donna

  18. Shaunna

    I love the spring for it’s new beginnings and fall for it’s beautiful colors. We just came through a snow storm last night and this morning. Winter, I am not fond of.

  19. Melissa C

    I love the winter and all the cozy things associated with the season. Seeing the preview of the kit reminds me of winters past but still waiting for the winter snow here. Hope it comes soon! Would love to win the kit and thanks so much for the chance. Love the freebie!

  20. Carlita

    I’m partial to the fall but winter’s right behind it because I do love snow during the holidays. So far, it’s not been a typical Chicago winter…today is the 323th consecutive day without an inch of snow. However, I can still enjoy hot cocoa, hot apple cider, glogg and, if I had a working one, the fireplace!

  21. Carol

    I can’t really say that I love the winter. Yes, there is snow where I live. It’s beautiful to look at but I prefer the warmth of the summer sun. Yes, I am one who tries to dance (and it’s crazy) when no one is around. I love the mountains in the fall and seeing all the gorgeous colors. I really love the beach too and just seeing the beauty of the ocean is so relaxing to me.
    Now I just must thank you for the beautiful QP and for a chance to win this new gorgeous kit. I love that squirrel.

  22. RuthAnn

    Oh, that looks like a lovely wintery kit. We have snow and cold here. Love the icicles. Thanks for this chance to win this new cool kit!

  23. Patti

    Lovely, lovely! Your papers always have such a soft quality in terms of colors and blending! I hope I win!! 🙂

    twoewings @ gmail . com

  24. Knautie

    Love love love all your kits, but the new one will be one of my favorites, ’cause I just LOVE winter … I’m leaving by the Swiss border 😉

  25. Sally

    Another wonderful Winter kit, the sneak peak looks fabulous. I love the whites of snow and the elements. Hope it’s me that wins, it’d be a first.

  26. JulesW

    The squirrel is just adorable! I’m with Carol! I prefer warmth and sun to snow and cold — even if there is a light dusting of snow where I am right now. Thanks for the gorgeous quick page and the chance to win the new kit.

  27. SHEILA

    Your new kit looks interesting and I love the winter theme. It’s quite appropriated at this time of year. I love everything you create and I’m sure this kit will be wonderful! Thank you for a chance to win your new kit and for your free add kits as well. Happy New Year

  28. kana

    No winter in my country, no snow, just curious about what snow look like and eager to touch it..
    thank you for your have great kit 🙂

  29. Lynn

    Thank you for the beautiful QP! Love the preview; the squirrel is so cute. I watched one the other day; he had found a whole donut and he was munching away without a care in the world. Of course I didn’t have my camera…

  30. Christa J.

    First of of let me tell you that your kit “Simply Beautiful” is more than beautiful, it’s gorgeous.
    Your new kit seems to be perfect for scrapping all lovely winter photos.
    Yes, I like winter, especially when having blue sky and sun. We had a little bit of snowfall today. 🙂

  31. Marna

    Thanks so much! This looks perfect for this time of year! Love the squirrel! I have just the pictures for this kit, including a squirrel! 🙂

  32. Carlae

    Thanks so much for the lovely QP. And, yes, I do dance crazy, with & without onlookers. I especially loved dancing with my kids when they were quite young as we waltzed down the street…1,2,3-twirl…1,2,3-twirl..and so on. What fun we would have.

  33. Yez

    Love the colors of the sneak peek! Although we have freezing temps, we have not had as much snow as we usually have during this time of year. Thanks for the chance!

  34. Chico Mama

    Give me snowy mountains. I’m reminded of when I lived outside of Zurich with a wondrous view of the Alps curled up in an mega oversized
    chair by the fireplace with a glass of brandy…

  35. Rosemary Simeon

    Aha it worked ! Love your sneak peek, well love all of your kits to be honest. Thanks for the opportunity to win it and thank you for helping me leave a comment.

  36. Elle Hagan

    I love the winter- I am east coast of Queensland Australia and we swim in the ocean most days. I even dance and play like a mermaid and it doesn’t matter who is looking.
    I have summer all year. I would love to look at snowy mountains and I have never ice skated yet -I am going to try



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