5 years anniversary – 40% off sale @ Studio Manu, Sneak Peek + I Scrapbooked

5 years anniversary blog ad

40% off sale – 5 Years Anniversary


Yepp … that’s true, I’m celebrating my 5 years anniversary at Scrapbookgraphics. Isn’t it unbelievable how time flies? Exactely 5 years ago I packed my bags and moved over to SBG. It was the best decision I could ever made. Maya, the “Boss” of SBG is always so kind, always helpful with her experiences and knowledge. Mick, the technic guy behind the scenes, takes always care of the shop – 24 h per day and 7 days/week! All the wonderful and super talented girls of the SBG crew and not to mention the designers – always so creative and I love the wide variety of designs and I’m always impressed whenever I open the front page of the store and see all the new, unique products. It is a lot of fun to work with other girls on the Studio Mixes. When we put together our separate parts on the main preview it’s always like a dream to see everything together.

I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful team and that’s a reason to celebrate.

  • Save 40% on everyting in my store, CU stuff included, Bundles even are up to 69% off – new products are not inlcuded.

March 1 – 3 only

–> http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/Manu/?catid&sort&page=2

Studio Manu 5 years anniversary sale

I scrapped – I mean I really scrapbooked the traditional way.

This week I had a computer crash 🙁 and while hubby worked to fix everything I had a bit time to scrap. It’s not finished yet but I want to show you a few details already. There is still missing something in the center. I want to add a swirl or something and a title but as long as my printer isn’t installed I can’t finish it. Anyway here are a few details:

Traditional Scrapbooking Layout

Traditional Scrapbooking Layout

Traditional Scrapbooking Layout

Do you also scrap sometimes the traditional way? It is so much fun but takes a lot longer and one must be very carefully and think a lot and try a lot what is the best before to stick. Once it is glued it is very difficult, if not impossible to change it.

Sneak Peek

Before my computer crahesd I finshed a new kit and I hope that I can put it in store for next week.
The elements were already uploaded but not the papers, so I hope that I’ll have access soon to my old HD.
Now I downloaded the elements folder with the preview in it to another computer and I was able to make a Sneak Peek:


Sneak Peek


I truly hope I can release it the next week so that one of you can win it 🙂

Please leave me a little comment and the random generator will choose one lucky winner!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


52 thoughts on “5 years anniversary – 40% off sale @ Studio Manu, Sneak Peek + I Scrapbooked

  1. Marilyn

    Thanks for the freebies! The colors look great on your newest kit, would love to win it! Thank you again.

  2. Karen W.

    Sorry to hear that you had a computer crash! Hope you’re up and running soon. Can’t wait to see the newest kit – I’m sure it’s lovely as always. Thanks for a chance to win!

  3. RedShoes

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to see the rest of your kit. Best wishes with your computer repairs!

  4. Sheila

    Happy Anniversary! It doesn’t matter what kit you come up with, you always outdo yourself! You’re the best. Thanks for all your freebies and a chance to win.

  5. Lana

    Wow, I have to say that you outdid yourself this time. The kit is awesome!!! I would love to win it, would make my weekend.

    Thanks, Lana

  6. Carol

    Oh my! When I read you had a crash, Manu, my mind went to all of your beautiful treasures just disappearing! I hope that is not true and you are fixed and back “in business” again soon. Looking at the elements through the little “peak holes” is so tantalizing! Can’t wait to see the entire thing.

  7. Joyce

    Hope you get all your new kit loaded!! Thanks for the chance to win it. The sneak peek looks wonderful…what I can see.Heh Heh.

  8. lozzie

    Happy Anniversary ..Love your work and love your freebies you are so generous …would love to win this kit…good luck with your computer….

  9. Terry

    Sorry about your computer problems and congrats on your 5 year anniversary. Kit looks beautiful. Love the colors!

  10. Arianna

    Congratulations! I was going trough some of my older stash and found a kit of you I brought at Digital Spirit! If you’re celebrating 5 years at Scrapbook, it must be older than that, woa!

  11. JulesW

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! The sneak peak looks intriguing. Sure hope you get your computer fixed soon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Amy Wright

    Happy anniversary! I love the sneak peek – blue and yellow is my favorite color combination and I am excited to see this next kit!

  13. Mela

    Thank you for ALL the lovelies you have shared over the years!

    Your sneak peep looks to be yet another lovely! I can’t wait to see it!

  14. Gloria

    Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary! Love your gifts to us and especially all the vintage. Thanks for the sneak peep and hope to win it!

  15. Sandy

    I love your work, and so would really love to win a kit. I love the colors in this one. Also, happy anniversary, and I hope you get your computer back up and running soon, but it is fun to scrap the old way. I do it all the time.

  16. silvia

    to bad that your comp crash. I hope it will be fixed and you don’t lost the data, because you have work so hard on the design. Thank you for the chance to winning your kit 🙂 Love your design!

  17. Laura F

    I just start following your FB page and love it! what a creative Studio! Planning on start using your products soon!

  18. Diana

    Beautiful like always. I hope the computer’s problem will be solved soon. Thank you for the opportunity.


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