Chicken Wire CU + New Cluster Set + October Desktop

I created this week a wonderful addition to the Enjoy Life Collection – A Set of Clusters.

Each of the clusters comes with and without frame and this gives you even more freedom in creating your beautiful pages.
You can choose if  you wish to use the frame I already added but also you can add your own frame.


Also I have a new set for commercial use okay – Old Chicken Wire.
6 pieces are included in the package, each saved individually in .png file format.


And you can also download your October Desktop here right away on my blog. I know this time I’m a bit late – hope you’ll forgive me.

Enjoy Life – Clusters – 11% off

[singlepic id=701 w=500 h=500 float=]

Here is a Sample Page:

[singlepic id=702 w=500 h=500 float=]

Old Chicken Wire [CU/PU/S4H]

[singlepic id=703 w=500 h=500 float=]

There comes a 20% off coupon later with the newsletter 😉

October Desktop Calendar

This time I made two versions of each – with and without the calendar.

[singlepic id=704 w=500 h=500 float=]

>>>> 1440 x 900 <<<<

>>>> 1280 x 1024 <<<<

>>>> 1024 x 768 <<<<

3 thoughts on “Chicken Wire CU + New Cluster Set + October Desktop

  1. Beckey

    Like the chicken wire. I use a lot of farming themes, so hopefully, I will come up with good ideas with this as inspiration!


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