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 INSD 2013 Newsletter Gift

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Each year the first Saturday in May the scrapbook community celebrates INSD (International Scrapbook Day).
Sales, Sales, Sales wherever you are looking. Challenges, Games, Contests and not to forget FREEBIES!

I have this year two freebies, two Mini Kits. One is for all newsletter subscribers. If you are not signed up yet and you would like to get the
Freebie and many more things for free you should do so.

The next Freebie is for all my dear Blog readers and followers. Both freebies are working perfect together.

Stay tuned, I’m back in a few hours with the download links, first my head needs a few hours sleep but then I’m back here 🙂
Not the entire Preview of the blog freebie, it’s just a sneak peek:

[singlepic id=2018 w=500 h=500 float=]


2 thoughts on “Newsletter Freebie coming tomorrow & Blog Freebie

  1. grambie

    I truly enjoyed the excellent previews for the iNSD downloads and was more than enthusiastic when I received the download links. Thank you for these fantastic gifts. They are truly digital-scrapping treasures. Blessings. 😉


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