Sneak Peek – Your chance to win the new COLLECTION

I’m sure you realized that there was no newsletter the last week, no new stuff was added to the store. So I must admit, I was a bit lazy the last days.  In reality of course I wasn’t, I just spend a bit more time with the family because of the Easter Holidays the kids stayed at home for two weeks and hubby too and so we enjoyed a bit time together. But now the daily routine is back here and for this week there is also coming a new collection and I have a sneak peek for you and as you may know this is the chance for you to win the complete new bundle with everything in it.

You know what to do? Just leave a little comment, a few words and I with the help of the random generator will choose one lucky winner.


Ich bin sicher, ihr habt es gemerkt, daß letzte Woche kein neuer Newsletter kam und auch nichts neues in den Shop kam. Ich muss zugeben, ich war etwas faul die letzten Tage. In Wirklichkeit stimmt das natürlich so nicht ganz. Wir haben nur etwas mehr Zeit mit den Kindern verbracht, Osterfeiertage, Osterferien und Mann zu Hause *lol*  – da war nicht mal viel Zeit zum faulenzen. Aber nun kehrte der Alltag zurück und für diese Woche kommt auch wieder eine neue Kollektion. Ich habe einen kleinen Sneak Peek und ihr wißt es schon: Einer wird dieses ganze neue Bündel gewinnen!

Einfach hier einen kleinen Kommentar hinterlassen, ein paar klitzekleine Worte und ich werde mit Hilfe vom Random Generator einen Gewinner ermitteln 😉

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21 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Your chance to win the new COLLECTION

  1. Cindy Stiles

    Firstly, I have to say how envious I am of your design talent. And secondly, how grateful I am that such talent exists so that I am able to create the most beautiful pages of memories for my two gorgeous girls. Thank you for your generosity. Cindy from Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Mary M

    I’m sure it’s another absolutely gorgeous kit. Love the burst of purple. I’m happy for you that you were able to spend some time with the family.

  3. Shirley H

    Such pretty colors. Thank you for the chance to win it. Keep enjoying the time with the kids, they grow so fast.

  4. Jenna in Canada

    Ohhh so pretty! Very nice that you took some family time over the Easter holiday.

    thanks so much for the chance to win!

  5. Margaret

    I did miss your newsletter,but am glad you got in some family time. Your sneak preview looks gorgeous as usual. Hope to add it to my digital stash. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Terri Williams

    I’m sure you enjoyed the time with your family! Recharging one’s creative batteries is so important! I’m looking forward to seeing your always spectacular new kits!


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