The Journey Begins Bagdes and Page Borders and Newsletter Freebie

Hey everyone,

this week I made some amazing additions to the *The Journey Begins* Collection.

First there are a set of Badges (or tags, labels, stickers …. )
I had to think about how to name it but would say Badges fit. It’s sometimes not easy when english is not your main language – lol.

Okay, anyway I made some Badges. These are perfect additions to your layouts and albums to make them look even more amazing.

And hen there is a set of super gorgeous page borders, which can be used also as picture frames.

Both sets are on intro sale for a few days.

The Journey Begins – Badges 29% off
The Journey Begins – Page Borders 25% off


The Journey Begins – Badges

Included in this set are 6 beautiful Badges, Labels, Tags, Stickers  …..
to make your amazing travel pages even more amazingly.

 They come in two versions each: already with fastener (staple) on it as well as without.

[singlepic id=2257 w=500 h=500 float=]


The Journey Begins – Page Borders

This set contains 4 page borders, working perfect together with the  *The Journey Begins* Collection.
Included in this set are 4 page borders and each page borders comes in separately saved .png file format in black.
Use them in any colour you wish to fit to your background. Try texture, layer styles, blend mode or layer one border over the other.
Rotate them. There are endless possibilities to make your layouts stand out.

[singlepic id=2258 w=500 h=500 float=]


Sample Layout

Our (little) Nick in Tunisia last Summer 🙂

In this layout I used both new sets, a page border and a badge.
Plus I used a cluster, a photo mask, an overlay and a background paper – everything from the The Journey begins Collection:

[singlepic id=2260 w=500 h=500 float=]


Newsletter Freebie

I turned my layout into an Quick Page and this will come to all
subscribers this time for free. I hope you like it.

[singlepic id=2259 w=500 h=500 float=]


Thanks for reading, visiting and hope you enjoy your weekend.


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins Bagdes and Page Borders and Newsletter Freebie

  1. grambie/shirl

    Nick is such cutie as his wonderful essence shines through so clear and lovely. His layout is a perfect and so beautiful choice for the quickpage. (I have been trying to reach you since around August the 14th.) Hugs, Grambie/Shirl

  2. Deborah/yerqueenie

    I purchased this kit last week and I love it. I don’t take vacations (because I’m married to John!!!lol) but I have friends who do and I love making pages for them. This kit is, I think, one of your best……if one could choose of course! Hugs to you, deb


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