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Ich wurde schon danach gefragt und – ja – es ist auch schon etwas her, aber ich denke, ich bin jetzt endlich fertig mit der Einrichtung
eines Newsletters. Rechts in der Sidebar (ein klein wenig nach unten scrollen) gibt es ein kleines Feld, wo man sich eintragen kann.
Mit der ersten Ausgabe gibt es dann auch das erste kleine Freebie – exklusiv für Abonnenten 😉


I was asked about this several times and – yes – it is a few weeks ago, but now I think I’m finally ready with this newsletter.
On the right sidebar you can see a little form – add your email address and that’s it.
With the first issue you’ll get also the first little freebie – exclusive for the newsletter subscribers  😉

Okay … ich kann es ja schon mal zeigen / okay … I’ll show you the newsletter freebie:


15 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Darlene Carroll

    I’ve signed up…. it will be a pleasure to read a newsletter from you!
    What a delightful gift to receive for simply signing up… absolutely gorgeous!!

    take care!

  2. DaraD

    love all your designs. Can’t wait to start getting newsletters from you re your products. Thanks so much

  3. xashee

    WOOHOO! i signed up too! oh Thank you so much for sharing even MORE!!! i truly LOVE your designs and can hardly wait for the newsletter!! Have a WONDERFUL day! 😀

  4. Tonya

    Help….I do not see the form on the right sidebar!!!! I would love your newsletter!!!

    A huge Fan of yours!

  5. Pamela

    I signed up, too. This is exciting! Your designs are beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Beau, absolument beau!

  6. Louise

    I have bought many of your kits and would love to receive your newsletter. Your kits are fabulous!!

  7. Carita

    Id love the newsletter please and thank you 🙂
    Been hoping you would have it so i wont miss any new stuff of yours 🙂

  8. Brenda

    I would love to recieve your newsletter. I adore your work. I have purchased several of your kits. When I’m stuck on a layout I open one of them and it all just comes together. Thank you, can’t wait till the next kit!

  9. Karen M

    I signed up. I love your designs and googled you to find you. I am so glad you are still designing. I started to panic when I couldn’t find you on the Daisie website.

  10. Susan

    I still can’t see the form on the right to sign up for the newsletter. I would love to sign up for it, please. Thank you for sharing such awesome looking kits.


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