Quick Page Freebie —> now .png file

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Hi everyone,

for those of you who have trouble with the QP file in .tif format I uploaded a .png version.

If you open the .tiff file and see a blank page you can check if the layers are marked as visible in the layer palette on the right.
For me it’s working this way:


I think Yuki made a tif file because she has an awesome blend on the background and this way, when the layers are kept separate, you could do it too. You can blend a photo on the background and put the top layer above and have a beautiful blended picture behind.

Here is the .png file QP for you:

[singlepic id=1886 w=600 h=600 float=]

>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<<

6 thoughts on “Quick Page Freebie —> now .png file

  1. juno

    How clever of Yuki. I love having both layers separate. And I’m glad I read this before deleting the tiff!
    Thanks Yuki and Manu.

  2. Margaret

    I was going to ask about this and since you beat me to it just saying thank you. I could not open it as I do not use Photoshop so my computer, it does not recognize the file. I thought I did something wrong. Love the grab bag!!! So many nice peices in it. You are always so good to us in cyberland……it is appreciated! Hugs!

  3. Margaret

    I would be interested in a step by step tutorial for blending a photo into a background if you or Yuki have time.

    I use PSE and am always troubled by doing a blended photo and using a mask.

    I love the results when I see others use these processes!

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