Sneak Peek Winner announced

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Happy Friday everyone – finally weekend and I want to announce the winner of the new collection.

First:  Thank you all so much for answering the question in regard the shadowed elements –  I’ll of course continue to make the elements with as well as without shadows. I just didn’t know if there is anyone outside who uses them and if the shadowed elements in general are made for nothing. But it looks like they are used a lot and of course I’ll keep everything as is 😉 THX!

Now to the winner. Again I loved reading all your kind and nice comments, you are just the best. I know you were all nice during the whole year, I know you hoped for Santa.  And now I’m here the bad girl and can only give it to one winner.  Believe me,  I always hope the random generator gives me more than one number (54 or so) but I always get only one number!!!! It’s not my fault. Maybe he is in a learning process and one day he gives me a lot of numbers at once – there is still hope.

This time he was so kind and gave me number 47!!!

Congrats Rose-Marie! I’ll email you shortly!

Please be patient all others. I know the nextkit/collection is coming soon!

I’m really start to think about making  —- are youtired of seeing Christmas Kits?


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And just a short note: This is coming tomorrow as exclusive gift to all newsletter subscribers 😉

Thanks for reading till the end! See you tomorrow 😉


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