Christmas Greeting Cards, Commercial Use Grab Bag revealed, Sneak Peek + Freebie

Scrapbook Holiday Cards

Christmas Shimmer – Greeting Cards

Wow .. I was busy making such beautiful unique Holidays Cards this week. I really love them!

Included are 8 Christmas Greeting Cards, created with a mix of my past Christmas Kits.

There are 2 Cards 4×6, 2 Cards 6×4, 2 Cards 5×7 and 2 Cards 7×5 and each Card comes in double format (front and back to fold them in the middle) and each card comes also as a single page, so just the front.

I also added 8 ready to use Christmas Greetings in german & english. I made the wordarts appropriate to the form of the cards, so when the text is wide for the horizontal format cards I added a second version to match the vertical format cards.

The text is included in a beautiful golden shimmering color as well as just in black.

Christmas Shimmer – Holiday Greeting Cards 20% off limited time intro sale


Wow, ich war fleißig diese Woche und habe diese wunderschönen Weihnachtskarten erstellt. Ehrlich –  ich bin selbst total begeistert von dem Ergebnis 😉 *pfeiff*

In diesem Set sind 8 Karten enthalten, erstellt aus einem Mix von meinen vergangenen Weihnachtskits.

Drin sind 2 Karten 4×6, 2 Karten 6×4, 2 Karten 5×7 und 2 Karten 7×5. Jede Karte kommt als Klappkarte, mir Vorder- und Rückseite sowie auch einzeln nur die Vorderseite.

Ich habe auch gleich 8 Weihnachtsgrüße hinzugefügt, in englischer und deutscher Sprache. Auch ist der Text gleich angepasst and die Form der Karte. Bei den Karten im Querformat habe ich noch eine 2. Version des Textes hinzugefügt, daß es auch bei den Karten im Hochformat passt.

Der Text selbst kommt in einer schönen goldenen schimmernden Farbe sowie auch nur in schwarz.

Christmas Shimmer – Holiday Greeting Cards20% off nur für kurz!



Scrapbook Holiday Cards

Photography Credits:  Guy Shapira, Ilyssa Tonnessen, Pliene, Niderlander, Petr and Vera Krachtovil

Christmas Greeting Cards

Here the Christmas Greetings I included:

in English:

Und die Weihnachtsgrüße in deutsch:

Holiday Greeting Cards 20% off only for a short time!


DSD Grab Bag CU revealed

Now I also unpacked my 2nd bag from DSD.

Here is what all was included, everything is for commercial use, means wonderful designer resources.

First there were two sets of Pattern Overlays, great for creating wonderful vintage papers or to give your existing background that vintage touch with baroque and ornament look.
These are both the same patterns but one comes as clear version and the other set has a distressed version of the overlays.

Pattern Overlays 4 – Distressed

Pattern Overlays 4 – Clear

Also there was a new Set of Lace Doilies

And there was also a new Set of Ivy

This beautiful Vintage Treasure Box – full of awesome vinatge pieces

And last but not least a new set of Vintage Books

Newsletter Subscribers will get a discount coupon for all the new commercial use products 😉


Sneak Peek Time

So girls, there is a new sneak peek this week of what is coming next week to Studio Manu.
This time I have a question: Do you also work with the shadowed version of the elements I always include or do you prefer to make your own shadows. Just want to know if  I should continue to put a shadowed version in the downloads.

If you just want to leave me some love it is okay too of course and muuuuch appreciated 😉

Next week the random generator will chose one lucky winner of the entire new collection –

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!


Freebie Time

There was this amazing page by Yuki last week and she turned it now into a Quick Page for you to download!
Thank you very much, Yuki ♥

Enjoy your weekend!

>>>> D O W N L O A D <<<


54 thoughts on “Christmas Greeting Cards, Commercial Use Grab Bag revealed, Sneak Peek + Freebie

  1. Mysstique

    Your new Christmas cards are great! Thanks for the freebies… and no I don’t use the shadowed elements, I make my own, but I do know others who rely on them so that isn’t very helpful to you; but I do like how you keep them separate, so I just don’t have to d/l them for myself, saves a lot of time. (Keeping fingers crossed that my # is drawn for the new set, but it makes it hard to type… hehehe)

  2. RedShoes

    I use both your shadowed elements and I create my own shadows. If you were to start creating kits without shadows, I would not mind at all. Your sneak peek is gorgeous as usual:-) Thanks for the QP.

  3. Renee

    Thanks so much for the QP and another chance to win one of your gorgeous kits:)
    I used both shadowed and non-shadowed elements depending on the depth I want to achieve on my page. I too like that they are on seperate layers. Now having said that – I would be ok without then in a kit.

  4. Svetlana

    Thanks so much for this lovely page, I really like your work! Thanks for the chance to win a prize, I hope for good luck 😉

  5. donna

    This sneak peek looks interesting! Love the Christmas cards.
    I use both the shadowed and the not- depends on what kind of layout I’m doing. Thanks for all the freebies and the chance to win.

  6. Carol

    Thanks so much for this gorgeous QP — love it. Your Christmas cards are awesome. They are so beautiful. I especially love that you have more than one size. Also, it’s quite easy to get envelopes for each size if one wanted to mail them. I need to get these cards. Re: shadows–I have loved using them to give some layouts more depth while viewing and especially nice for me because I am not that good at trying to do my own shadows. I truly appreciate trying to think about just what is in this Sneak Peek (always knowing it will be awesome like everything you design) and love the chance of maybe actually winning it.

  7. brandi

    i so love your pretties !! i often use the shadowed elements so pls keep up with them
    the sneak peek looks like the corner of my gramma’s desk ..
    tks for the gift !!

  8. Manu Post author

    Thanks so much girls. I already know I need nothing to change regarding the shadowed versions included too. I just wanted to make sure that there is at least one person who uses them, seems there are more than one 😉 So I’ll keep everything like it is 😉 THX everyone!
    And now I entered for chance to win my own collection — lol

  9. Carol

    Manu, I love when the seasons begin to change and all of the new things come out – especially here. Christmas is amazing on your site. The Christmas cards are beautiful – love the ‘glow’ of them. The QP is precious.
    As far as shadowed elements: I sure love it when you include them. I am not always patient enough to go through those steps. And having your pretty elements already shadowed is a help. And if I need to ‘adjust’ it – even that is easier because the element is all set up.
    The sneak peek is intriguing!! Not enough to get an exact clue – but just enough to reveal the same amazing vintage feel that you are so great at presenting to us. Cannot wait to see it!!

  10. ava g

    Manuela, I am still a self taught digi learner, so to answer your question, I would not know. I think being a beginner, that would mean yes, i would want to use the shadows….lololo
    Thanks for sharing your designs and inspiration.
    ava g

  11. Christa

    First of all thanks a lot for the lovely QP.
    Your Christmas cards are so beautiful und your new kit, from what I can see at the moment, will be as gorgeous as all your other work. :-)I love your Vintage style very much.
    To answer your question, I don’t use your shadowed version and always to the shadows on my own. So, for me it’s ok your putting the elements without shadows in your kit. But I appreciate the work you do putting both versions in your kits.

    Have a nice Sunday! 🙂

  12. Lana

    Love the sneak peek. Once again it will be stunning!

    Shadowing, normally I do my own but always look through the shadowed elements to see if I can use one that you shadowed.

    Thanks for the chance to win the kit.

  13. Kimberley

    I love the sneak peak! One of these times, I just know I’ll get picked! lol! Just like school waiting to be picked for the dodge ball team. Luckily there was always one kid more pathetic than me, so I didn’t have to be last! lol. Now, about the shadows, please don’t get rid of them! I prefer them,it makes my life so much easier as I am still just learning to crawl when it comes to layouts. Maybe it’s more like I’m learning to roll over! lol. I like having the choice. I always go for the pre-shadowed unless I’m using the un-shadowed ellies to practice my shadowing skills.
    Thanks for the wonderful freebies you had for DSD. I was without internet service for a week after Hurricane Sandy, so I missed out on many of the festivities, but when I saw the two gorgeous minis, I didn’t feel so left out.

  14. Gloria

    Thanks for the QP. New kit is very intriging. No I don’t use the shadowed elements. I prefer to do my own shadows in PSE.

  15. Marilyn

    Thanks for the QP, just stunning! Depending on the effect I want, sometimes I use my own shadows, sometimes I’ll use the shadowed elements. Would love your new kit. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  16. Thérèse

    Thank you for the beautiful QP! I always make my own shadows, but I understand that others don’t. The shadowed ones do give me a good idea of what they’ll look like on my LO, though. Thanks again!

  17. CC

    Beautiful work again! Thank you for the freebies too!
    I dont download the shadowed versions. Mostly because im a tagger and the elements are huge so the filesizes are big. Just to save my hd space, i only take the non shadowed versions. Thanks for keeping them separately! 🙂

  18. Kari

    I use both the shadowed and non-shadowed versions depending on what I’m working on. I LOVE your kits! I would buy them whether or not you had the shadowed versions. Thank you for the beautiful (as always) freebie! 🙂

  19. Debbie Strong (huntstrong)

    Thank you so much and danke schoen for the wonderful Take A Break freebie! Your work is awesome, and I think it is so cool that you do it in German and English.

  20. Marigold

    Your kits are just TOO beautiful……hehehe. Thanks for your beautiful work and time. I usually use your pieces with or without shadow. Thanks for the freebies too.

  21. Andrea Hirlehei

    I looooooooooove the Christmas cards and it’s just sooo nice to have the German Wordart included! Thank you also for the lovely freebie and as to the new kit – weeeeeellll! what can I say? it looks absolutely gorgeous, like all of your designs! Thank you for a chance to win it!

  22. Madame Doudou

    Dear Santa Manu!! I really really would like to win your new collection and I assure you that I have been nice most of the time… And I use the pieces with and without shadow simply because I do not know how to make the shadows. Thank you so much. Hugs, Susie.

  23. TJ

    Thank you for the gorgeous freebie! If it’s a simple shadow then I don’t keep it, but if it’s a more unique one that PSE’s is not good at doing then I keep the shadowed ones.

  24. Karen W.

    You are one of the most talented designers that I “know”. I use both of your shadowed and non-shadowed elements; but if you decide to stop offering the shadowed version and lower the price, that would be fine with me. 🙂 I LOVE your pattern overlays – they’re GORGEOUS! Thanks for the opportunity to win your new kit – how exciting that would be!!!!

  25. Diane

    I love the sneak peak! It looks stunning!! Can’t wait to see the full kit. Thank you for the opportunity to win the kit. Your QP is also beautiful! Thank you. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous!! As far as elements go, I prefer to use only non-shadowed. Keep up the fabulous designing!!!


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