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Are you a bookworm like me? Who doesn’t love reading?
And who doesn’t remember the days when you were little and
your grandma or grandpa had read stories to you from old
books? I remember these days and LOVED it.
The *Grandma’s Reading Room* page kit is perfect to call back this
wonderful time.

Escape in the wonderful world of books and reading – I just LOVE it.

Today I enjoy the time I read to my little guy and as he now started with school he starts to read by himself.

Of course it’s also usable for so many other occasions cause it has so many various elements in it.

The Grandma’s Reading Room – Bundle is 46% off for a limited time only.

Each part is also separately available – Page Kit 12% off, Clusters 11% off and Stacked Papers 13% off.

I have a little free addon for all the newsletter subscribers (goes out later today) and I also have a free book and reading related word art for you here on blog right away to download 😉

And of course we have a winner on the sneak peek game ….. !!!


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Grandma’s Reading Room – Clusters

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Grandma’s Reading Room – Stacked Papers

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Grandma’s Reading Room – Page Kit

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Grandma’s Reading Room – Bundle – 46% off

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Sneak Peek Winner

Of course we have a winner!!!! Many many many big thanks to all for the wonderful comments. Just loved a read each and every – thanks a lot and stay tuned for the next new sneak peek and the next new chance – you are really the best.

Okay here comes what the random generator has choosen ….

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…. it’s comment no. 14 and that is …. Yanina, you won the complete Grandma’s Reading Room Collection.
Congrats Yanina, I’ll send you an email shortly 😉

Newsletter Freebie

As always I have a little Freebie for all my newsletter readers:

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Blog Freebie:

And of course I also have a Freebie for all my Blog Readers 😉

Grandma’s Reading Room – Free Word Art

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>>>> Download Here <<<<

Hope you like it and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!! Enjoy!

See you – Manu 🙂

9 thoughts on “Grandma’s Reading Room – Freebies – Winner

  1. Jayleigh

    Hey!! Love this kit! i started reading when i was 3 years old – my parents and g-parents on both sides were bibliophiles, so i came by it naturally! My kids are as voracious as i when it comes to reading, as are all five of my g-kids! You couldn’t have chosen a better topic for a new kit. My kids tease me that they probably won’t fight over any of my “stuff” when i no longer need it, except for my books! LOL! Thanks – you are on my list of top designers!


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