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Visiting Grandfather new @ Studio Manu + Free Quick Page + Newsletter Gift

[singlepic id=1857 w=600 h=600 float=] Visiting Grandfather   Happy weekend everyone! I’m so exited to show you my new collection this week. It’s called Visiting Grandfather – I’m sure it… Read more »

Grandma’s Garden Collection – Winner – Freebies

[singlepic id=1116 w=500 h=500 float=] Grandma’s GardenĀ  – Page Kit My Grandparents, both Grandma and Grandpa, loved working, planting in the garden and to reap all the fruits and then… Read more »

Grandma’s Reading Room – Freebies – Winner

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[singlepic id=750 w=500 h=500 float=] Are you a bookworm like me? Who doesn’t love reading? And who doesn’t remember the days when you were little and your grandma or grandpa… Read more »