More Beautiful Past Pages + Freebie

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My Creative Team continued to play with Beautiful Past 🙂
I’m so very impressed …. must show you:

By Cath – in fact she made the 3 following pages, so beautiful:

Vintage Scrapbook Page by Cath

Vintage Inspiration layout by Cath

heritage Scrapbooking Layout by Cath


By Julie: this one is so fantastic too, a really beautiful Vintage Layout:

Beautiful Past Vintage Page by Julie


And by me:

Inspiration Layout by Manu

Vintage Inspiration Page by Manu

Vintage Scrapbook Page by Manu



School Holidays

Meanwhile we enjoy school holidays and family time and this is a really hot Summer here in Germany
Here is our Nick at his last day of school coming out from school while I waited for him:

last day of school


Now he enjoys the free time in the pool:

Pool Time


Even our Cat Eddie won’t go outside and became a lazy cat:

lazy cat


Newsletter Freebie

Here is a new Newsletter Freebie, which will come to you today.
A Quick Page Freebie made with Beautiful past – Enjoy 🙂

Inspiration Scrapbook Page

Free Vintage Quick Page


Thank you very much for visiting and reading and your continued support.
Enjoy this beautiful week 🙂

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