Beautiful Overlays, Quick Pages, New Commercial Use Set + Free Word Art Pack

Happy Monday and I hope you have a great start into the new week.
Today the sun is shining and it looks a little bit like Spring is knocking on the door.

I’m a bit busy at the moment, so it is a bit quiet here. Our daughter moved out, yes … omg time flies.
It is unbelievable that it is already 20 years ago since I had that little baby girl in my arms.

So I’m currently here and there. I have to explain her the washer, yes she now has to make it herself πŸ˜‰
The fridge already has a lot of ice at the back panel so I have to tell her that it is not good when the content touches the back of the fridge.
Last time I came there the window was open and the heating on full power. I asked her if she forgot? But no …
she just wanted to let fresh air in but it shouldn’t become cold at the same time.
Meanwhile we renovate her room here at home and our youngest will then move in and has his own room then.

So a lot of work, a lot to do but I took the time to make some additional sets to the Olden Days Collection and also
finished a new Commercial Use Pack and a Freebie Word Art Pack is waiting for you here too.

First I made a beautiful set of Page Overlays.

Olden Days – Page Templates

33% off intro sale

Olden Days Page Templates

That’s a fantastic set of Page Overlays with endless possibilities. Use the blend mode to lay them on your papers and use a color to fit to your project. You can also use existing papers and combine them and make completely your own papers.
Look at the Sample Page I made, it is so much fun to play with them:

Olden Days Vintage Inspiration Page


Olden Days – Quick Pages

50% off intro sale


Olden Days Vintage Quick Pages


I also created these Quick Pages while i was in scrapping mood and used the Page Overlays too.

Olden Days Vintage Inspiration Layout


Covered In Ivy 3
20% off intro sale

Commercial Use Designer Resource Ivy


This set can be also used for commercial use.
I always need greenery on my pages, like fern leaves or ivy.
These are dried ivy climbs, guess that happened during our last vacation in October last year.
I came back and saw the disaster (tried to keep them but water didn’t help anymore). Anyway, I immediately knew …
these can be fantastic used on my pages (and yours).


  • Studio Girls News

Did you know? There is aΒ Β CT Call overΒ at SBG!!!
Read on the image how to apply and Good Luck!

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  • Blog Freebie

So here is today’s Blog Freebie.
A wonderful Word Art Pack with 3 Word Art inside + extra words and some accents.
I love these quotes by Khalil Gibran.

Please click the preview or the link below to start download:

Free Word Art pack


>>> Download <<<

Thank you very much for your visit and reading and hope you have a wonderful (Spring)week.

48 thoughts on “Beautiful Overlays, Quick Pages, New Commercial Use Set + Free Word Art Pack

  1. jASPER1 (Ri)

    Manu,Thankyou So Much I LOve Recieving Word art its So Useful !How Sad Your Little girl has Flown the Nest,BUT I bet She wont Fly Far & will Always Need Her Mum!Hope you have a GoOd Week Take Care & Much Thanks Again for Your Hard work & Freebies Big Hugs Ri:)xXXx

    1. Manu

      Thanks so much Jasper! Yes, she won’t fly too far away. It’s just 20 min by car from us and we see us often and yes, she is learning a lot and so she always needs me — lol

  2. Margaret

    Thank you! Very appreciated!

    Just curious if you ever did a tutorial for the use of masks using PSE (I use 9) It seems I am challenged at getting the steps right πŸ˜‰ and whether to use layers or copies of a layer or separate new pages for each and how to line up and which to make the clipping mask etc.
    Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you.

    1. Manu

      Thanks Margaret!
      I don’t use PSE but I know a girl. She already made one tutorial in the past, I could ask her.

  3. Christine

    Always love your beautiful freebies. This word art is great, great graffiti look.
    Still very warm in Australia has not cooled down yet, been a long hot summer.

    1. Manu Post author

      Thanks so much Christine for your kind comment.
      I eager for summer. Can you believe? But I know … if it is too hot and dry and such a long summer you eager for a bit coolness. Fingers crossed.

  4. Chris

    Thank you very much for these. I never use words enough, but I’m trying to change that. I’m very grateful.
    It will seem strange for a while with your daughter living elsewhere but she will appreciate you more when she has looked after herself for a while.

    1. Manu Post author

      Thank you so much Chris for your nice comment.
      Yes, it will be strange for a while and sad a bit and quiet moments. But then … she is not too far away, i can go to her whenever i wish and she visits us often. It’s just 20 minutes by car! So … it’s okay.

  5. Grambie/Shirl

    Thank you for this so sweet and diverse wordart collection. I am learning to use wordart more frequently in my layouts. The quotes are perfectly designed as only you can. Still dealing with my many diagnoses, but thinking of you always.

    As parents, it is a mix of sadness and joy when our loved ones leave the nest. Remember, they take the wisdom with them that only a parent can give. Hugs. πŸ™‚

    1. Manu Post author

      Thanks so much Carol πŸ™‚
      Yes, it is with sadness and emotional and lucky she is not far away. Only 20 minutes by car and she visits us often and I’m there to help her and teach her cocking and all that stuff, you know πŸ™‚


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